Gold Retainer Wires for Your Patients

After you’ve removed your patient’s braces, you’ll likely have them wear retainers to keep their teeth aligned. Use our gold-plated retainer wires — they are durable, comfortable and stylish.

Penta Twist Retainer Wires

With exceptional biocompatibility, our Penta Twist retainer wires have proven to be the choice for making lingual and removable retainers. We’ve also made these wires more durable and beautiful by plating them with 24-karat gold using our special, proprietary plating technique. Available in various sizes, our Penta Twist retainers give you the control you need to provide patients with the right fit, which is crucial during the last phase of treatment.

Round Retainer Wires

After months or years of wearing braces, some patients end up neglecting to wear their retainers. Offer them round, gold, beautiful retainers, and they will want to wear them for a long time. Partner with us, and increase patient compliance with stylish, customized retainer options.

At Gold’n Braces, Inc., we help give your patients the aesthetic orthodontic appliance they deserve. Through our online shop, we make it easier for your clinic or lab to get our gold-plated wires.

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